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Tuesday, June 30, 2020


This is Lee, my 18 year old Siamese beautiful gal. I know they say cats have 9 lives and in Lee’s case this is totally true. And three of those saved lives I give complete credit to Dr Haghighat and his team.

Nine years ago we almost lost her to what we thought was an obstruction. The vets operated on her but only found inflammation. Whatever had been stuck had made its way through but after the surgery she crashed. We thought for sure we were going to lose her. I had been to see Dr. Haghighat with a dog I had and brought Lee along for him to look at the cyst on top of her head so I called him. Turns out cats don’t do well on fluids. He said to take her off them immediately. Once we did, bam, she rallied almost immediately and was back to her old self again.

Five years passed and Lee again wasn’t herself. We made the trip from Collingwood to Newmarket to see if Dr Haghighat could help. It was Lee’s kidneys that were showing signs of kidney disease. I was devastated. I’d lost a cat to kidney disease and knew how horrific it was. However after prescribing a Heel mix for Lee her kidneys bounced back and she was like a kitten again.

Fast forward to now. Lee was losing weight and vomiting. After a local vet did an ultrasound it showed that my sweet we kitty had masses, assumed to be cancer, in her intestines causing two blockages as well as lymphoma. I know she’s 18 but she has so much spunk still. She can jump 3 ft onto our island and otherwise acts like a young cat. Her blood work was that of a much younger cat, kidneys awesome (thanks to the heel mix from Dr H!) So I contacted him again hoping he could help. It was my last effort to save her. He’d mentioned that he had two other patients doing well with the same diagnosis but that they were younger. I didn’t care, I knew by how she’d responded to the kidney Heel mixture that she’d respond (at least I’d hoped so) but felt it was worth a try.

Well that was Oct 21st! This picture was taken today November 12, 2019. She is so alert and eating like a kitten again. She can’t have too much at once or she throws it up so when I take the food away she gives me the stink eye. I’m not sure how much time we will have with her but because of Dr. H I know it’s longer than it would have been! I can’t thank you enough for giving Lee back to us now three times!

If you are considering his care don’t even think twice. I feel so fortunate to have him I just wish he lived closer.


I found Dr. Haghighat when my 12-year-old cat, Shady, was diagnosed with diabetes and my conventional vet put him on daily insulin injections. I felt very frustrated with these injections of 2 CCs of insulin, twice a day, along with switching him to a special diabetic food prescribed by the conventional vet. Shady had been having trouble with climbing stairs and jumping up and down from high surfaces, and had even started chewing the fur on his right paw. I had read online that sometimes diabetes can go into remission in cats. So I thought it was worth a try to see if anything else could be done. Under Dr. Haghighat's care, I'm so pleased to say that Shady improved by leaps and bounds!

Over the weeks and months, he became stronger, able once again to jump up onto the kitchen counters from the floor, stairs were once again no problem at all, he lost some weight, his coat became shinier and healthier (he stopped chewing his paw and the fur grew back), and he was once again back to his curious, feisty self! We managed to slowly, slowly reduce his insulin injections, monitoring his blood sugar levels all the while, and now we are only giving him 1 CC of insulin once a week!

I can't tell you how relieved and overjoyed I am to have my dear friend Shady back to full health! I'm so grateful that there are alternative treatments available to what the majority of conventional vets will advise. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Haghighat during our time of need. I really appreciate the calm environment Dr. Haghighat has created at his clinic and his soft-spoken, calm, patient manner and grounded energy - so different from any other vet clinics I've been to! Keep up the fantastic work and thank you for all your help!


Nala is a female 10 year old American bulldog that was presented to us with a walnut sized growth on her right, hind hock with a sudden onset. The growth felt firm and warm under palpation. Due to Nala’s age and sudden onset of appearance of growth, and location Nala was referred to 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital for biopsy and further diagnosis. There Nala was diagnosed with histiocytic sarcoma with the possibility of hock joint involvement. While waiting for the biopsy results two additional growths appeared above and attached to the original growth. The result was further confirmed with an Immuno Histochemical Stain. Due to the aggressiveness of tumor and location it was recommended to do a full leg amputation followed by chemotherapy which is the standard of care with this kind of tumor.

Due to Nala’s age and breed, as well as the poor prognosis Nala’s guardian decided to decline the conventional treatment and more so focus on Nala’s quality of life in pursuing alternative treatment. At the time of the diagnosis Nala was already on a raw food diet, which then we gradual modified it to a keto diet meaning lower carb and higher fat. We continued the keto diet for three months and after that every three weeks we introduced more carbs into Nala’s diet to break the ketosis. Also, we started intermittent fasting. During the week Nala was getting combination of herbal supplements and Chinese herbs.

Nala was seen here originally bi-weekly for biopuncture and autosanguis to down regulate inflammation and up regulate the immune system. She was also getting a weekly B12 injection. Two months after the treatment the subsequent growths started to shrink. At the three month mark all three growths shrunk and were unrecognizable. We continued with treating Nala every 6 weeks for immune regulation for 3 more months. At the present moment, we see Nala every 2.5-3 months and are happy to report that Nala is doing great and the tumor is still in remission.



Friday, July 29, 2016


Our 9-month old, Great Dane puppy, Abby, came 

down with an extreme case of the Papilloma virus

in her mouth. Seeking treatment and care, we met

with our veterinary  clinic who expressed that they 

had never encountered such a case, and 

recommended surgery to remove the larger warts. 

We were then informed that the virus would heal 

on its own but would take at least one year. With 

Abby’s immune system so  compromised, she would

need to be isolated from all other dog interactions. 

As her owners, this was upsetting…Puppy years being so formative, this was very concerning for her  social development, not to mention such
invasive treatment of having to undergo surgery.
   BEFORE - May 17, 2016


We then sought out a second opinion and the guidance of Dr. Sasan Haghighat (Hyatt)

 at North-East Newmarket Veterinary Services - A Holistic Clinic. 


BEFORE - May 17, 2016


Dr. Haghighat was able to provide calming reassurance that Abby’s condition 

could be treated WITHOUT surgery and in a shorter window of time. 

After one month of treatment, we were able to kick-start Abby’s immune system 

and the virus began to heal. The results were pleasantly noticeable and positively 

shocking. After two months of treatment, the warts were gone. 


We will forever be grateful for Dr. Haghighat and his team for their dedication and care.

Truly amazing! 



The Timbrell Family – Owner of Abby

Monday, May 2, 2016


Bentley, my Hungarian Vizsla, had been on quite a ride this past year. Bentley was suffering from Discoid Lupus, a severe auto-immune disease that was affecting his nose. We tried several conventional treatments including seeing specialists for over a year without success. Finally, we went to see the amazing people at North East Newmarket Vet! Here you will find his before, during and after photos from his treatment at The Holistic Vet...


Dr. Haghighat started treating Bentley using biopuncture & autosanguis, a procedure which involves using a small amount of Bentley's blood mixed with the appropriate homeopathics for his severe condition. He also went over Bentley's diet and made some recommendations to help reduce the inflammation in his body. He also gave Bentley an acupuncture treatment each visit and sent us home with an oral homeopathic remedy to give to Bentley daily. 


After only 4 visits each involving acupuncture and Biopuncture & Autosanguis, we were seeing incredible results and Bentley's nose was starting to heal! 


If you have ever considered trying an alternate (or complimentary) approach to your pet's wellbeing, Bentley and I would highly recommend seeking the guidance of Dr. Sasan Haghighat and his team.
We are both so grateful!!

Kim & Bentley


When our dog Rosie was 12.5 years old we were told that her heart was enlarged and that she had a tumor in her chest which would need surgery to be removed. I decided to get a second opinion and had read about Dr. Haghighat in Vitality magazine.
When I arrived at Dr. Haghighat’s office with my x-ray, he immediately told me that her heart was indeed enlarged but he had seen much worse and did not think it was all too abnormal for a dog her age and in his opinion, she did not have a tumor. He recommended a homemade diet and provided instructions, gave her an acupuncture treatment as well as some supplements. Her also recommended an ultrasound.  The ultrasound confirmed exactly what Dr. Haghighat had said, that her heart is enlarged with very mild heart disease but nothing alarming and there was no tumor to be found.
Prior to visiting Dr. Haghighat, Rosie had been going up the stairs to the second floor of our house only about once per month and I had noticed that she was fumbling on the deck stairs in the backyard when we’d go out for her walk. After 3 days on the diet and supplements, Rosie was going up the stairs to the second floor every day and navigated the deck stairs with ease! After about 10 days we noticed that her claws got all crusty and full of fungus and her eyes were weeping fluid. I knew that this was a detox reaction so just let it take its course. After a couple more weeks her claws were all cleared up and the fur on her face was growing in nice and white.
Rosie lived to 15.5 years. She was exceptionally healthy and puppy-like right up until the last few weeks of her life. I am so thankful for the knowledge and care given by Dr. Haghighat. I truly believe that with his help, we not only extended her life, but also gave her an improved quality of life.   

Cindy Bentley (Rosie’s mom)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Here is Sid at approximately 39 lbs. He was quite inactive and diabetic requiring 2 injections of 6 units of insulin per day. Through a prescription weight loss diet and insulin, he lost approx. 8 lbs over 1 year, from 2013-2014.

The following picture shows our 4 year old grandson who was significantly lighter than Sid at the time.

Fast forward to 2015, when we realized that Sid had plateaued as no further weight had been lost. It was then we began to seek holistic care, thus discovering The Holistic Vet and Dr. Haghighat. It's been about 6 months since our initial visit and we're so grateful for the warm, loving care and suggested changes to his diet. During his visits at The Holistic Vet, Dr. Haghighat treated Sid with biopuncture (homeopathic injections) as well as acupuncture and an oral homeopathic remedy for Sid to rebalance his system. We are so happy to report that Sid is now completely off of insulin and his weight is down to 21.6 lbs - almost half the size he once was! As a result of the changes, Sid has become very active, even learning to play. He's incredibly loving and wants to be with us all the time. 

He's not big on standing still for the camera, but here is a glimpse at his progress in March 2016!

We are so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Haghighat's healing hands and The Holistic Vet and we are truly grateful for the care that our three cats are receiving!

Brenda & Sid the cat