Thursday, December 10, 2015


Harley was 6 when she jumped off our 2' deck and tore her ACL in the Fall of 2014.  We had no idea what was wrong.  Our vet at the time insisted that she'd have to be operated on and that we should talk to the vets at the 404 Emergency Clinic.  She is a great vet but she put so much pressure on us to get the operation done that we felt guilty for having second thoughts.
Two days later we went for an exam (for Harley) and a consultation for us.  They were very thorough (though the exam hurt Harley) and very patient when answering our questions, however they did not give us any alternatives.  They made it clear that as far as they were concerned the operation was the only way.  We were quoted $3500.00 which wasn't bad as it included the pre and post exams, the operation and metal parts, all of the medication, the overnight stay and 5 hydro-therapy treatments.  However, my husband and I really didn't like the idea of them cutting the tibia bone and re-shaping the joint.  Plus the confusion and extra pain that Harley would go through.  Also we thought that this would damage her other leg as the 2 legs would now work differently.
The next day we had a consult with Dr. Sasan at the Holistic Clinic in Newmarket.  Our neighbours had been to see him with their dogs and he'd worked wonders.  We wanted a second opinion and more options.  He gave us the answers we were looking for.  He explained the operation and told us that we were right - the difference after the operation between both legs would mean that her other ACL would tear much more easily, probably in a few months to a year.  He gave us a treatment plan and started with acupuncture and biopuncture and also gave us some herbal supplements to go home with. He also gave us a time estimate of 3-6 months for the joint to heal.
He was right.  It took about 6 months and a few sessions of treatment, but Harley has been back to normal since the spring and she seems healthier than ever.  She knew, as she was healing, what she could and couldn't do and, even now, I find she seems to "think before she leaps" so we are hopeful that her other knee will have no problems.
My husband and I still bring our dog to Dr. Sasan.  She likes this clinic much better and is healthier for her. Before you feel pressured into doing something you're not sure of, it's worth taking a look around and checking out the alternatives.  It will be much better for you and your pet.  We are very grateful for Dr. Sasan and his great staff and we will continue to bring Harley here.

Sandra & Harley


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