Monday, May 2, 2016


When our dog Rosie was 12.5 years old we were told that her heart was enlarged and that she had a tumor in her chest which would need surgery to be removed. I decided to get a second opinion and had read about Dr. Haghighat in Vitality magazine.
When I arrived at Dr. Haghighat’s office with my x-ray, he immediately told me that her heart was indeed enlarged but he had seen much worse and did not think it was all too abnormal for a dog her age and in his opinion, she did not have a tumor. He recommended a homemade diet and provided instructions, gave her an acupuncture treatment as well as some supplements. Her also recommended an ultrasound.  The ultrasound confirmed exactly what Dr. Haghighat had said, that her heart is enlarged with very mild heart disease but nothing alarming and there was no tumor to be found.
Prior to visiting Dr. Haghighat, Rosie had been going up the stairs to the second floor of our house only about once per month and I had noticed that she was fumbling on the deck stairs in the backyard when we’d go out for her walk. After 3 days on the diet and supplements, Rosie was going up the stairs to the second floor every day and navigated the deck stairs with ease! After about 10 days we noticed that her claws got all crusty and full of fungus and her eyes were weeping fluid. I knew that this was a detox reaction so just let it take its course. After a couple more weeks her claws were all cleared up and the fur on her face was growing in nice and white.
Rosie lived to 15.5 years. She was exceptionally healthy and puppy-like right up until the last few weeks of her life. I am so thankful for the knowledge and care given by Dr. Haghighat. I truly believe that with his help, we not only extended her life, but also gave her an improved quality of life.   

Cindy Bentley (Rosie’s mom)

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