Friday, July 29, 2016


Our 9-month old, Great Dane puppy, Abby, came 

down with an extreme case of the Papilloma virus

in her mouth. Seeking treatment and care, we met

with our veterinary  clinic who expressed that they 

had never encountered such a case, and 

recommended surgery to remove the larger warts. 

We were then informed that the virus would heal 

on its own but would take at least one year. With 

Abby’s immune system so  compromised, she would

need to be isolated from all other dog interactions. 

As her owners, this was upsetting…Puppy years being so formative, this was very concerning for her  social development, not to mention such
invasive treatment of having to undergo surgery.
   BEFORE - May 17, 2016


We then sought out a second opinion and the guidance of Dr. Sasan Haghighat (Hyatt)

 at North-East Newmarket Veterinary Services - A Holistic Clinic. 


BEFORE - May 17, 2016


Dr. Haghighat was able to provide calming reassurance that Abby’s condition 

could be treated WITHOUT surgery and in a shorter window of time. 

After one month of treatment, we were able to kick-start Abby’s immune system 

and the virus began to heal. The results were pleasantly noticeable and positively 

shocking. After two months of treatment, the warts were gone. 


We will forever be grateful for Dr. Haghighat and his team for their dedication and care.

Truly amazing! 



The Timbrell Family – Owner of Abby


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