Monday, May 2, 2016


Bentley, my Hungarian Vizsla, had been on quite a ride this past year. Bentley was suffering from Discoid Lupus, a severe auto-immune disease that was affecting his nose. We tried several conventional treatments including seeing specialists for over a year without success. Finally, we went to see the amazing people at North East Newmarket Vet! Here you will find his before, during and after photos from his treatment at The Holistic Vet...


Dr. Haghighat started treating Bentley using biopuncture & autosanguis, a procedure which involves using a small amount of Bentley's blood mixed with the appropriate homeopathics for his severe condition. He also went over Bentley's diet and made some recommendations to help reduce the inflammation in his body. He also gave Bentley an acupuncture treatment each visit and sent us home with an oral homeopathic remedy to give to Bentley daily. 


After only 4 visits each involving acupuncture and Biopuncture & Autosanguis, we were seeing incredible results and Bentley's nose was starting to heal! 


If you have ever considered trying an alternate (or complimentary) approach to your pet's wellbeing, Bentley and I would highly recommend seeking the guidance of Dr. Sasan Haghighat and his team.
We are both so grateful!!

Kim & Bentley


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  3. It's awesome that Bentley is feeling better! Good work