Monday, January 20, 2014


"Suki is a five year old toy poodle pomeranian mix. When she was about three years old our groomer started to notice some hair loss.  She had quite a lot of hair - very similar to a Pom and it had always been fairly thick.  She was an adorable little ball of fur with the cutest little face.

Suki also had some tummy troubles, diagnosed with colitis under one year . I was beside myself, this little girl with a bad tummy and now she was losing her hair.  I took her off all regular dog food and started to cook her a diet of sweet potato and chicken, which was formulated by US Davis veterinary hospital in California, and also added a supplement.  Slowly over time her tummy improved and she started to thrive. She couldn't even eat regular doggy treats so I cooked my own beef liver which she loves.

As the months went on her hair loss became worse leaving her with patches al over her back. We were referred to a dermatologist who diagnosed her with alopecia. After many special baths with specialized shampoos Suki’s skin was getting worse. There were constant sores on her body from the hair loss and she was on topical and oral antibiotics much too often.

I knew there had to be another solution. Eventually all the hair and the skin on her back just peeled off. My vet prescribed all types of lotions and potions, but nothing would even moisturize it.  Her skin was raw and dry, so we started with cortisone creams for the sores.

I had already begun to do some research on alternative vets when a friend suggested Dr Haghighat. He put Suki on a homeopathic remedy and told me to rub coconut oil and vitamin E on her body a couple of times a day. No more harsh shampoos, only plain Baby Shampoo and diluted. In literally no time the rough skin  turned into soft healthy skin with fewer and fewer sores. Suki became herself again, more playful.

We went away this past Christmas and left Suki with my brother who continued the oil and Vitamin E spa treatment as I like to call it. When we came back a huge patch of hair had started to regrow on her back……we couldn't believe it!!It literally happened overnight! She still has some bald patches but we are hopeful the hair will grow back and we've also noticed her tail is beginning to fill in again.

In the meantime, over this experience Suki has accumulated quite a wardrobe of t-shirts, she's a very well dressed little girl!

We are so thankful that Dr Haghighat had come into our lives and will continue to care for our precious Suki." 

Fern Nahmias

The Holistic Vet Update:

(Suki's back on her first visit to the Newmarket Holistic Clinic)

March 10, 2014 Photo - Suki's hair is growing back nicely!

April 19, 2014

Suki came in for a visit on April 19, 2014 and is doing fantastic! All of her hair has grown back and she feels wonderful!


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