Thursday, April 10, 2014


"Our sweet Weimeriner, Olive has a torn Cruciate ligament after dealing with our harsh winter. After extensively researching our options we decided surgery was not for us. Thankfully we found Dr. Haghighat, Holistic Vet in Newmarket.

Dr. Haghighat is doing a procedure with Olive where he draws blood then mixes it with high potency homeopathic remedies and injects this into her spine and knee to promote and speed up healing. Check out his website for the accurate description of this amazing procedure. Again he has prescribed supplements to also promote healing. Olive has experienced two sessions and went from hopping on three legs to fully stepping on her leg even without the brace!

We really restrict Olive's movement and monitor her very closely. No stairs or jumping up on things etc. We also massage her and hold the knee between our hands, and are considering light therapy. All of which are Dr. Haghighat's suggestions, while under his coaching.

We have also completely changed Olive's diet, again under Dr. Haghighat's supervision and with the belief that Food is Medicine. Olive loves her new diet. The shine is back in her coat and her disposition has changed. She is more social and frisky, despite our efforts to keep her quiet.

Our relationship with Dr. Haghighat and his staff is outstanding. We are welcome to email and inquire as much as we need to and are always left feeling confident with the care Olive receives. When all is said and done we are very pleased to have discovered Dr. Haghighat for Olive's overall wellbeing and our peace of mind.

Regardless of the outcome with her knee we are grateful to have Dr. Haghighat and his staff caring for Olive on an ongoing basis. We feel confident that her knee will continue to heal with patience and the time it needs. The clinic is in Newmarket and well worth the drive.

With gratitude,
Lydia Wedlock and Olive"

The Holistic Vet Update

"Fast forward to July and Olive is healing nicely. In fact no visible limp. Still on a leash but truly thriving. We decide to let her go swimming and two steps out of the river and she has torn her left cruciate ligament. Apparently this is common to have it happen in the other leg.  On the upside we already know who to take her to. Dr. Haghighat. She has been on an Anti-inflammatory diet and course of supplements now since February, so with all this in her system she may heal quicker this time. Regardless we commit to a six month treatment plan with Dr. H. In addition we purchased the light therapy system he recommended and began using this at home faithfully. Initially Olive was not a fan but we persisted and she eventually came to love the light therapy sessions. In fact she would fall asleep.  While it has been a long journey with many ups and downs four months in and Olive is doing remarkably well. Again there is no visible sign of a limp. She is enjoying two 10 minute walks each day. Still on leash and we do restrict movement. No jumping in and out of cars or up and down stairs. But what a world of difference. She is happy, social, frisky… She loves her new real food diet too.  She also had a couple of unrelated problems along the way that Dr. H. figured out and solved too. I will say there were times when I almost lost faith but Dr. H. always held a steady course for us and assured us that we needed to be patient. He was right.  We have referred others to Dr. H. and will continue to do so and we will continue to have him care for Olive even as a well dog. We are so very grateful to Dr. H. Jennifer and Nicole.  My advice to others is to see Dr. H. follow his instructions and know that it will take time. It is so worth it.

Lydia and Olive"


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