Friday, July 17, 2015


Dr. Haghighat saved our cat Cooper from a fatal future! Cooper is our 3 year old long haired “personality plus” cat.  We rescued him in December 2013. 

 Cooper always had “kitty breath” with very red and inflamed gums. Changing to different foods did not improve the oral health. But then, in May 2014, he became very fussy about his food. Then in October, he stopped eating and became very lethargic so we rushed him to the Emergency Clinic. At that time, the tentative diagnosis was ulcerative stomatitis although there are many reasons for this cause of stomatitis in young kittens; an overactive immune system was possibly the root cause. He was sent home on a course of antibiotics to control the infection. The antibiotics seemed to work short term.  Our regular veterinarian prescribed 2 more series of antibiotics and mouth wash which helped his oral health, but only for a short duration. When we stopped the antibiotic, the problem re-appeared. Our vet told us that the antibiotic would ultimately stop working and suggested that in this circumstance, she recommends a full mouth tooth extraction which may or may not fix the problem.

Since this procedure seemed very invasive to us and there was no guarantee would be cured, we decided to look for an alternative solution. Then, after some google searches, we found the Holistic Vet and decided to take Cooper there. With acupuncture, biopuncture, supplements and an organic diet, Cooper is now eating without pain and the oral health has improved significantly.  He is a vibrant energetic cat who is obviously enjoying his food! During the treatment period, Dr. Haghighat’s office kept in touch with us and genuinely cared about Cooper’s recovery. Cooper will continue to visit Dr. Haghighat periodically to maintain his oral health and ensure the stomatitis does not return.

We are now taking our 13 year old dog, Tucker, to see Dr. Haghighat because we want his final years to be as healthy as possible!


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