Thursday, November 12, 2015


 This is Scooter our beautiful and loving 15 year old Beagle. He was diagnosed with a large cancerous tumour in early spring 2015. Our conventional Vet offered us only two options, send him to Guelph for chemotherapy or take him home for palliative care. We left the office feeling hopeless. We did not even consider chemotherapy, we could never justify putting an animal through that, but the idea of just taking him home to wait for the inevitable was heartbreaking. He had stopped eating his dry dog food as an ultrasound showed the tumour was interfering with his digestive system. We had already been home cooking for our dogs for about half of their meals but knew we could do better in terms of ingredients. We asked our vet for suggestions and she looked unsure, maybe pasta and red meat was her response. That is when we contacted Dr. Haghighat. He was very accommodating, allowing us to communicate via phone as we live 2 hours away from the clinic. He guided us through dietary changes and suggestions for medicinal foods and supplements. Our goal was only to give Scooter the best quality of life we possibly could for his final days with us. His response to the new diet was immediate. Not only did he love the taste and his appetite return but we started to see amazing health benefits. His energy increased along with his activity level, he started wanting to go for walks again and then longer hikes and swimming this past summer. Symptoms associated with his arthritis decreased along with the need for pain medication. One of the most amazing benefits was a complete lack of allergy symptoms this summer. Scooter`s seasonal allergies historically have been so terrible they required the use of steroids which did not even completely alleviate his scratching and chewing at his skin. This season he had no symptoms whatsoever and no medication! We are so thankful to Dr. Haghighat and his team. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for providing the opportunity to improve Scooter`s health and are so incredibly thankful for the extra time we have been able to spend with him.


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