Thursday, March 13, 2014


It was in the fall of 2012 that I found out Deuce, my Rottweiler/collie mix, had pancreatitis. We took him to our family vet after he was throwing up yellow bile and not eating. His specific pancreas enzymes were three times the normal level, and we were told that this can be a life-threatening condition. Deuce was only 4 at the time. We switched Deuce to a prescription diet and pain medication recommended by our veterinarian to make sure he was more comfortable. Unfortunately, Deuce’s condition was not improving. Our vet and diagnostic bills kept increasing and his health worsened.

I started doing some research on pancreatitis, since I figured there had to be some other option. I came across Dr. Sasan Haghighat online and figured: I see a naturopathic doctor, why can’t my dog see a Holistic Veterinarian? I made an appointment with North East Vet and sent all his paperwork and x-rays, and was told that yes, he had full blown pancreatitis. When my husband asked what the prognosis of the disease was, we were told although pancreatitis is a serious medical condition, they had patients with a similar condition who responded very well to their treatment approach! We switched his diet to home cooked meals, and gave him some homeopathics and supplements. Deuce was doing very well - his vomiting stopped completely in two weeks. Two months later we repeated the blood work, and the specific pancreas enzyme dropped to just below normal. I am so grateful that I came across Dr. Haghighat, he is such a caring person and I know that if any other health concern comes up with any of my other dogs or cats, that he will be the first and last person to help them.

Deuce's mom


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